Concrete Crushed, Need Sawzall or Torch

concrete location A few weeks back our team sliced up the “roadblock” next to the opti rack.  A  volunteer finished off the job Wednesday. Next step: removing four 1″ reinforcing rods. We’re looking for a volunteer with a Sawzall or torch to help.

The troublesome reinforced concrete block that’s been in the way of kids loading and unloading opti’s and bugs, and keelboats using the large hoist, is almost gone.  Dan Fishman, our maintenance guru, removed most of it using a concrete saw funded by tenants dollars from those who were not able to directly volunteer their time at TISC in the last six months.

The concrete saw was able to remove most of the block, but not the reinforcing rods. Two of the remaining four bolts and brackets are shown in the picture below.

concrete beforeOn Wednesday a volunteer armed with hammer and chisel finished off the small chunks of concrete.  All that remains are the four steel rods.

concrete after

If you have access to a Sawzall or portable torch please feel free to “have at it”.  There are four rods that must be cut off in the otherwise mostly cleaned out space.  Feel free to call Chris Childers or me if you can help out  or if you have suggestions on the best way to attack these rods.

Regards from On The Cove, Dave G

mule tracks eastIn the wake:

Next up is filling in a few “mule tracks” in the central yard to smooth out the path for our mule, which takes a beating whenever it rolls over these bumps.  If you have experience with concrete patching, can make suggestions regarding the best materials to use,  or would be willing to help out for a few hours in January please let us know.  Materials for this project will also be funded with dollars assessed to tenants not able to fulfill their monthly volunteer time.mule tracks center