Farewell Ol’ Yeller

Ol’ Yeller is at Bay Marine Boatworks getting painted thanks to volunteers Jeff, Cory, and Michael.  Fortunata and Great White are back.   We’ll soon have seven great white hulls ready to be rigged for summer classes.  Here’s 22 kids’ smiles.

Jeff Knowles with Ol Yeller Mast

Jeff Knowles helped unstep Ol’ Yeller’s mast in preparation for the transit to Bay Marine in Pt. Richmond.  Unfortunately, two engine failures and a dead battery ended our day shortly after we left the dock.

A week later we departed again, this time using our 15′ ribby to tow Ol Yeller across the bay and retrieve Fortunata and Great White.  Mother nature served up a great day for the transit.  Ready to Launch

Cory Schillaci and Michael Weinman prep for transitCory Schillaci and Michael Weinman graciously stepped in to help with the rescheduled transit.  With the mast out and the boat already prepped for delivery we were able to depart Clipper Cove by mid-morning.




We rounded the Pt. Richmond outer mark shortly after 11.  Mt. Tam provided a photogenic backdrop to our morning transit.

Mt Tam Backstop

We admired the great paint job served up by the team at Bay Marine as we watched Fortunata and Great White (we joked that ALL our J’s are now great white) being dropped in for the return trip to TISC.  If you look closely you can see Fortunata in the shiny reflection on Great White’s hull.

Great looking great white

Two identical boats head back out the channel – on their way home to join another four great-looking white hulls back at Pier 12 in Treasure Island.Departing Pt RichmondHere’s a couple of pictures from Mike.  The first as we pass an oiler that was running lifeboat drills when we first arrived, and the second as we rounded Great Oak Victory on the way back to SF Bay.GW and Fortunata Under Tow from Bay Marine The bay was rather quiet, however we did pass a couple barges on the way home.

A visitor passes aftThe trip back to Clipper Cove was aided by the wind at our back and a flood tide that helped on the final leg of our journey. Back On Clipper Cove

The hulls on six of our seven J/24’s are now refinished; the team at Bay Marine will have the seventh done soon.  We’re getting close to “crunch time” for our opening day on April 26th.

We can use help re-stepping the masts our our J/24 fleet, updating the traveler systems so the boats can be used for both sighted and visually impaired sailors, cleaning up the interiors, and adding graphics to the new hulls so we can keep track of which “great white’ hull is which.  There are many ways you can help.

  • Make a donation to help defray the cost of the new graphics
  • Spend 2-3 hours to help step the mast on two of the boats
  • Volunteer to work on  clean-up on one or two of the interiors; or help pressure wash the decks
  • Donate or purchase new bow and stern lines for one or more of the boats
  • Purchase two new dock bumpers for your boat and donate the older ones to TISC – or just buy two new ones for our J24 fleet !
  • And for the really handy volunteer, join one of our teams working on re-fitting the traveler systems to prepare for our blind sailing days.

To volunteer, donate parts or make a tax-deductible cash gift please let me know (daveg@onclippercove.com) or contact the TISC Team in the TISC office (email info@tisailing.org or call 415-421-2225).

Regards, from On The Cove,



In the wake:

Here are 22 smiles from our picture archives – courtesy of  Ol’ Yeller:

Sailing east of Treasure Island with blue water in front and TransAmerica Tower off the dirt quarter.

East of TI Fun on the Cove LLA-off to clipper cove Smiles from the West Side Smiles on Clipper Cove Wave from Ol Yeller







Big Team Regatta – Sponsors and Smiles

Planning for TISC’s Big Team Regatta 2014 is under way.  Sponsors and donors are signing up.  Check out these three kids’ stories from last summer’s program.  And the life lessons that accompany them – even better!

There are many ways you can support BTR – mark your calendar for Friday, Sept. 26th – later this year.  Sign up to sponsor a team of four racers. Make a financial donation.  Provide a gift-in-kind.  Every dollar we raise through sponsorships or save through gifts and donations to help defer regatta costs is another dollar that goes to our scholarship fund.

In addition to sponsorships and donations, our team counts on massive volunteer support throughout the entire day.  Jobs that must be filled include morning set-up and registration, breakfast, lunch and dinner help and final clean up.  If you can help for even a couple hours let our team know the time best for you.

You can start helping us NOW by thanking our awesome 2013 donors when you stop by their stores or make purchases from them.  Let them know you appreciate their support for Treasure Island Sailing Center:

  • Peet’s Coffee in the Laurel Village Shopping Center in San Francisco for their supply of great java
  • House of Bagels on Geary Blvd in San Francisco for their breakfast boost
  • Lagunitas Brewery for cold brews after the races
  • Fine Foods at Home for dinner – special thanks to Kara Forman
  • Gorgeous and Green for their sustainably sourced floral arrangements that graced our tables during the event
  • UC Berkeley Sailing Team for their day-long support in so many ways, and TISC tenants, friends, parents and community members for their many hours of support
  • OCSC for their support, guidance, boats, coaches, and facility that was race headquarters for BTR 2013.

Of course the BIG WINNERS from Big Team Regatta, in addition to the teams who participated last year, are the kids who learn life lessons sailing at TISC as a result of your support for our scholarship fund.  Here are a few examples of the smiles from those kids.

Isabella and Sisi’s Story: Teamwork

isabella and sisiAfter meeting at our Family BBQ, Isabella (age 9, San Francisco) and Siyani (Sisi, age 8, Oakland) were excited to learn how to sail together during summer camp.  On the first day of camp they stayed close together as instructors reviewed sizing a wetsuit and lifejacket, safely capsizing and righting a boat, and knot tying. They tackled each activity with enthusiasm! Once on the water, one steered the boat while the other trimmed the sails, and then they would switch. Sisi’s sense of adventure and Isabella’s calm demeanor made them perfect teammates. Through sailing, they learned the value of teamwork and how to effectively communicate to get through challenging moments like getting out of irons or gybing in windy conditions, all while having fun and creating lasting memories and friendships.

Ziggy’s Story:  Goal Setting

ziggyZiggy (age 9, Oakland), came to TISC with great enthusiasm for sailing. In the first week, although he achieved his sailing goals, he struggled to listen to the instructor and not be disruptive to others. With support from instructors he set his second week goals around making an effort to improve and focus his energy on positive behavior in order to gain his Level 1 certification. He began to help others with rigging and de-rigging the boats and at lunchtime, he helped another student clean up the lunch deck after eating. When he saw another student struggling in class, he was the first to ask what he could do to help. By the end of the week, his focus and positivity allowed him to achieve his  goals and  he received a Level 1 certification!

Josh’s Story: Leadership

joshJosh (age 12, Oakland) had never sailed before attending TISC’s summer camp. Josh learned to sail quickly and moved into our intermediate class after only two weeks. While he was a talented sailor, Josh stood out for his willingness to help and encourage his younger and less confident classmates.

Meeting new challenges with vigor and enthusiasm were Josh’s greatest strengths. Due to these characteristics, he was offered greater responsibility as the student helper in our adaptive co-able class. Josh happily accepted and was honored to be able to help Mattias, an autistic student his own age, learn how to sail and have fun on the water. Josh expressed a sense of personal achievement by helping, stating, “That was cool! It was fun to be able to help the instructor teach.”

TISC provides the opportunity for youth like Isabella, Sisi, Ziggy and Josh  to learn vital life skills to help them succeed not only in sailing, but more importantly in real-world situations.  Every $300 we raise sponsors a young sailor for a whole week of instruction; $500 enables a youth group of 25 individuals to enjoy a half day of sailing with us learning about the wind, water and respect for SF Bay.

If you have special skills, would like to help out with a donation in kind for the September 26th Big Team Regatta or simply want to get involved at TISC, let us know.  You may call our office at (415) 421-2225, let us know via email at info@tisailing.org,  or connect with us on line with your special skills or interest.

From On The Cove, Dave G