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Siebel Launch Event October 20th, 2019 — Chris Childers, Siebel Program Director said it best, “It was like almost any other day of coaching youth sailing… until it wasn’t… ” 

Flying Cat Highlights TISC Opening Day 2019 

TISC Set Sail Learn Milestone – 6,767 Fourth-graders Since 2013 

V15 Nationals-Good Times on Clipper Cove 

You Gotta Regatta! 

STEM Sailing & 4th Graders – Transformational and Transcontinental 

TISC Opens 2018 Fun Season with 432 Smiles 

The Power of the Wind ? – – Life Changing ! 

TISC Launches Low-Cost Sailing Initiative for Bay Area  

TISC SSL Fall 2017- 5,500 Smiles and Counting !  

TISC and its Finest Hour  

TISC Set Sail Learn STEM Program Tops 5,000 SFUSD 4th Graders   

Nothing Can Stop a Sailor  

Dolphin and Friends Join TISC Kids on Clipper Cove  

TISC Set Sail Learn Nears 5K Milestone as Ships Sink

TISC Opening Day 2017 a Glittering Success    

TISC Outreach & Inclusion – Best in the Nation

JYC Elementary Smiles Set SSL Milestone On Clipper Cove    December 19, 2016 – – -Combine wind, water, sailboats, hands, straws, paper, tape and life-savers with 33 John Yehall Chin Elementary School students.  Add seaweed, mix well. Check out the results – smiles, creative seaweed math, and a major SSL Milestone: the 4,244 4th grader on Clipper Cove. …  Continue reading → 

HS Sailing (and Chicken-in-Waffles) On Clipper Cove School’s back in session, and Envision Academy Sailing Team (E*A*S*T) is getting an early start on Fall practice. Clipper Cove hosted hundreds of High Schoolers, coaches and parents in 2016. Chicken-in-Waffles anyone (they’re really good).   …  Continue reading → 

Kids Smiles Fill Clipper Cove – TISC Instructors Rock !  

TISC Marks Milestone: 3,566 4th Graders on Clipper Cove Treasure Island Sailing Center’s STEM Program for San Francisco elementary students reached a major milestone in May: Over 3,500 Fourth Graders have now learned, explored and sailed on Clipper Cove. The St. Francis Sailing Foundation was a major donor. …  Continue reading → 

Marin Sailing School Program for the Blind Marks 10th Anniversary Last weekend 11 visually impaired sailors marked Marin Sailing School Program for the Blind’s 10th year anniversary with a BBQ at TISC. Afterwards, volunteers, J/24s, Clipper Cove and SF Bay delivered smiles all around.  You’re invited to create smiles too! …  Continue reading → 

Hooked on Clipper Cove 

TISC Opening Day 2016 Packs Clipper Cove TISC Opening Day and Safe Boating Day packed Clipper Cove with 723 excited attendees.  Thank you staff, sponsors, volunteers and Mother Nature for providing free sailboat rides & paddling on protected waters, fun, games and free life jackets. …continue reading

Sylvia McLaughlin Sylvia McLaughlin died at her home in Berkeley yesterday. She and two friends, Kay Kerr and Esther Gulick, launched “Save San Francisco Bay Association” 55 years ago. Many pledged support; however, these ladies took action and literally saved the Bay.  …continue reading

St. Francis Sailing Foundation Grant Launches Set Sail Learn – Sunday Which blog title better says “Thanks!” while delivering kids smiles:  “The best day of my life” or “Set Sail Learn – Investing in our Children”?  How to choose between two winning teams: Lawton Elementary School and St. Francis Sailing Foundation? …  Continue reading

I Got to Steer the Boat Tuesday, The kids from Jefferson Elementary studied Marine History and smiled a lot.  Their comments and questions about sailing and history were engaging and non-stop – in the TISC activity center and while sailing on Clipper Cove. I have a new … Continue reading

High School Sailing on Clipper Cove – Sunday, ‎September 20, ‎2015, ‏‎8:31:21 AM  —  With 100 California High School Sailing teams no surprise 60 showed up at Clipper Cove for the February, 2015 PCISA Golden Bear Regatta.  600+ sailors, coaches, parents, chaperones and spectators participated over the course of the two-day, blue sky weekend. … Continue reading

July Smiles On Clipper Cove‎ Wednesday, ‎July ‎29, ‎2015, ‏‎8:31:21 AM  —  July is a great month for smile creation on Clipper Cove.  School is still over the horizon, the skies are bright blue, and afternoon winds fill sails and create smiles. With three weeks of summer classes to go kids are … Continue reading →

Lending Club 2 Bounces TISC Kids Around SF Bay‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎23, ‎2015, ‏‎7:50:59 AM  —  Seeing smiles of excitement on TISC kids faces hurtling across SF Bay on a trampoline skimming over the waves at 30 knots – no surprise.  Driving 105’ world-class trimaran speedster Lending Club 2 – an even bigger thrill for them. … Continue reading →

Now THIS is the Life!‎Monday, ‎June ‎8, ‎2015, ‏‎8:12:05 AM

Classic comment heard on the dock as Guadalupe Elementary kids ended their “hands-in” Bay Sail: “Now THIS is the life”.  These fourth graders plotted crab populations in our activity center and wind & tides on Clipper Cove. My planned work day … Continue reading →

The Changing Tides of Alviso Marina‎Saturday, ‎May ‎30, ‎2015, ‏‎1:09:49 PM

Alviso Marina is now an official kids’ smile creation site.  George Mayne Elementary fifth graders launched the Alviso Boat Tour Program at high tide thanks to community leaders with vision and drive. San Francisco Bay in our back yard. I … Continue reading →

Like Water Off a Duck’s Back‎Thursday, ‎May ‎7, ‎2015, ‏‎3:49:48 PM

At first glance, I didn’t connect with Highlander 874’s stern graphic – something lost in translation.  Then two ducks flew into the picture.  Two ducks? Visions of Jimmy Spithill showed up on the finish line of race seven.   Last week I crewed for … Continue reading →

Gordon Lau Elementary Maps SF Bay History‎Thursday, ‎April ‎23, ‎2015, ‏‎7:29:48 AM

Gordon J. Lau Elementary school fourth graders from Chinatown studied canoes, schooners and container ships at TISC on Monday. And mapped SF Bay mystery spots using compasses.  Hands-on-the-tiller of a real sailboat created big smiles – no surprise there. Last … Continue reading →

E*A*S*T on Clipper Cove‎Monday, ‎April ‎6, ‎2015, ‏‎7:45:31 AM -Wednesday’s chilly swirling wind on Clipper Cove – not an ideal setting for Envision Academy Sailing Team’s first day back on the water.  Tack, gibe and intentionally capsize they did, however, with bright smiles and cool determination. In 2014 Treasure … Continue reading →

Clipper Cove – Our Platform for Smiles and Self-Confidence‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎7, ‎2015, ‏‎9:29:15 PM

TISC teaches life lessons and builds self-confidence in under-served youth and new sailors. Best wishes for 2015 as we give credit where credit is due, to Clipper Cove – our platform for smiles, volunteer hours, goal-setting, teamwork, communications and leadership. … Continue reading →

Double Your Sailing Donation – Sponsor a Child‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2014, ‏‎3:28:31 PM

A generous grant from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation could provide $10,000 for our children and youth programs.  We need to match this $5,000 challenge grant by year- end. Can you please help us help a child learn to sail? … Continue reading →

FSK Students Sail, Play Crab Games On Clipper Cove‎Saturday, ‎October ‎25, ‎2014, ‏‎11:20:20 PM

Francis Scott Key Elementary students sailed on Clipper Cove and studied SF Bay ecology.  They used gaming theory and mathematics to forecast Dungeness crab populations.   Crab calling lessons to rouse crabs from the sea wall were a big hit! Last … Continue reading →

Hanson Bridgett, PG&E Teamwork Benefits TISC Youth Programs‎Monday, ‎September ‎29, ‎2014, ‏‎1:19:58 AM

Mother Nature delivered breezy blue skies. Hanson Bridgett and PG&E delivered agile crew. Youth and adaptive sailors who call Clipper Cove home port were the real winners in TISC’s Big Team Regatta thanks to OCSC’s fast boats and excellent coaches. … Continue reading →

TISC Teaches Life Lessons: Like Teamwork For Example‎Monday, ‎September ‎1, ‎2014, ‏‎2:56:19 PM

TISC uses sailing as a platform to teach life lessons including goal setting, teamwork, communications, and leadership and develop self-esteem.  We raise money for scholarships so that no child is ever turned away. This blog is about teamwork. Teamwork can … Continue reading →

Thank You TISC 2014 Instructors‎Tuesday, ‎August ‎19, ‎2014, ‏‎10:00:43 PM

Teaching kids is always rewarding, often challenging.  Hugs to teachers everywhere!  TISC “classrooms” are dynamic in size, fluid in shape. Mother Nature may cooperate – or not. 1,300 kids sailed through TISC this summer thanks to our talented, dedicated instructors. … Continue reading →

TISC & BAADS Launch First Co-Able Summer Camp‎Friday, ‎July ‎18, ‎2014, ‏‎10:04:10 AM

Pairing kids with and without disabilities at summer camp – not new.  Launching co-able kids in boats on San Francisco Bay – requires speciall skills and planning.  TISC and BAADS partnered to launch the first camp.  Spots remain for the last … Continue reading →

37 Sailing Superlatives from Huckleberry‎Monday, ‎July ‎7, ‎2014, ‏‎11:22:00 AM

Connect a TISC instructor, one motivated volunteer and 11 Huckleberry Wellness Academy students with J/24′s on Clipper Cove and you get 37 Sailing Superlatives! Here’s what the kids had to say, and how you can share your passion for sailing. … Continue reading →

“I had the most fun capsizing”‎Sunday, ‎June ‎29, ‎2014, ‏‎9:50:30 PM

During lunch on our new deck last Friday, I asked a 9 year-old what was the most fun he’d had that day. His immediate smiling reply: “I had the most fun capsizing”.  Here’s my take on building self-confidence through sailing. Treasure … Continue reading →

Windy Week on Clipper and McCovey Coves‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎24, ‎2014, ‏‎11:41:21 PM

Monday morning’s high winds and cool temperature on Clipper and McCovey Coves were not normal. Didn’t bother outreach groups and students – they love feet dragging in the water and butts on the rail.  Nice view from Bay Bridge bike … Continue reading →

TISC Instructors Train, Team Up and Reach Out‎Monday, ‎June ‎9, ‎2014, ‏‎1:12:51 PM

Summer sessions starts today. Our instructors reported last week for training on safety procedures, fleet familiarization and our multi-step curriculum. Team building is a key ingredient. They spent Thursday afternoon at Pier 40 to prepare for summer co-able classes. Following safety … Continue reading →

Bay Marine and Signarama San Jose Deliver New J/24 Looks‎Monday, ‎May ‎26, ‎2014, ‏‎6:07:32 PM

The TISC J/24 fleet is sporting newly-painted hulls and crisp graphics thanks to Bay Marine Boatworks and Signarama San Jose.  This project was funded by the 34th America’s Cup and ONESF. Summer smiles now available for all San Francisco youth. Delos and Barney … Continue reading →

Cleveland and Feinstein Schools On Clipper Cove‎Monday, ‎May ‎12, ‎2014, ‏‎9:44:48 AM

SSLearn is in full swing at TICS. Spring classes started in April and continue through May. Fourth graders from Cleveland School and Dianne Feinstein School each spent a day at Treasure Island Sailing Center recently. Experiential learning looks like fun! … Continue reading →

Opening Day: Sails, Paddles and Smiles On Clipper Cove‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎30, ‎2014, ‏‎8:16:44 AM

Saturday’s Opening Day Featured blue skies, steady winds, eight sails, a bunch of kayaks & paddleboards, and hundreds of smiles. Our supportive volunteer force worked Wednesday through Saturday.  Kudos to our TISC team for a job well done! Opening day … Continue reading →

Dock-In Sunday, Smiles on Monday‎Thursday, ‎March ‎27, ‎2014, ‏‎1:06:18 PM

Vanguard 15s are in TISC’s DNA !  V15ers have provided major support for kids’ smiles since TISC’s founding in 1997.   The docks are in; racing starts April 3rd on Clipper Cove – arguably one the best dinghy racing venues anywhere. … Continue reading →

Farewell Ol’ Yeller‎Monday, ‎February ‎24, ‎2014, ‏‎1:02:03 PM

Ol’ Yeller is at Bay Marine Boatworks getting painted thanks to volunteers Jeff, Cory, and Michael.  Fortunata and Great White are back.   We’ll soon have seven great white hulls ready to be rigged for summer classes.  Here’s 22 kids’ smiles. … Continue reading →


Big Team Regatta – Sponsors and Smiles‎Tuesday, ‎February ‎18, ‎2014, ‏‎4:15:06 PM

Planning for TISC’s Big Team Regatta 2014 is under way.  Sponsors and donors are signing up.  Check out these three kids’ stories from last summer’s program.  And the life lessons that accompany them – even better! There are many ways … Continue reading →

Fourth and Three‎Saturday, ‎January ‎18, ‎2014, ‏‎4:40:35 PM

Two volunteers joined forces to help un-step J/24 masts and complete a round-trip to Bay Marine last week. Four shiny white hulls are done with three to go. Bonus enclosure: directions for navigating Clipper Cove at low tide. Rajat Dutta, … Continue reading →


2014 Resolutions: Unplug, Upload and FOCUS !‎Saturday, ‎January ‎4, ‎2014, ‏‎9:02:42 PM

One New Year’s Resolutions for the TISC community, especially for our tenants: publish TISC events and opportunities in one convenient location. And two for me: turn off the IT when around others & during meal time, and stay focused. Treasure Island Sailing … Continue reading →

Sea Shadow Makes Way for Bay Jobs‎Sunday, ‎December ‎15, ‎2013, ‏‎12:52:12 AM

Remember the huge gray mystery barge on Pier1 East of TISC? It housed a once-secret Navy “stealth” research vessel.  “Sea Shadow” is now gone.  In its place: Bay Ship &Yacht employees working efficiently to recondition massive sea barges and Super … Continue reading →

Concrete Crushed, Need Sawzall or Torch‎Friday, ‎December ‎6, ‎2013, ‏‎4:00:04 PM

A few weeks back our team sliced up the “roadblock” next to the opti rack.  A  volunteer finished off the job Wednesday. Next step: removing four 1″ reinforcing rods. We’re looking for a volunteer with a Sawzall or torch to help. The … Continue reading →

Two “New” J/24s Join TISC Fleet‎Monday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2013, ‏‎6:00:56 AM

Last month we delivered Delos and Barney to Bay Marine for bottom painting. They’re back looking brand new! We swapped them with two more J/24’s before rain and wind announced winter’s arrival on Clipper Cove. Next step: stripes & graphics. … Continue reading →

Connecting the Donor Dots‎Thursday, ‎October ‎24, ‎2013, ‏‎2:51:37 PM

Thanks to supportive donors and generous grants our J/24 fleet has grown to seven.  Because of volunteers like Michael, Nigel and Sam, Delos and Barney headed for Pt. Richmond in yesterday’s fog. They’ll look new after Bay Marine Boatworks finishes. As we … Continue reading →

JYC Kids’ Crabby Day at TISC‎Sunday, ‎October ‎13, ‎2013, ‏‎10:49:25 PM

As 33 John Yehall Chin Elementary School  fourth graders departed TISC after their SSLearn Day, I asked for six words describing their feelings. I was blown away when one student excitedly exclaimed “I’m crabby, day had to end”! Thanks to the … Continue reading →

Six Teams Learn, Race, Network at BTR‎Tuesday, ‎October ‎1, ‎2013, ‏‎10:06:14 PM

Mother Nature delivered near-perfect weather for TISC’s Big Team Regatta on Friday. PG&E set the pace while Goldman Sachs set a great example. Bishop Ranch, Hanson Bridgett and Recommind teams rounded out the generous teams who raised $30,000 for our youth … Continue reading →

Jimmy to Kids: “Never Give Up”‎Thursday, ‎September ‎26, ‎2013, ‏‎11:46:06 PM

On Clipper Cove is usually about kids’ smiles and volunteers’ hours. This one is different.  Today’s message is for our kids, not about them: “Never give up and always support your team”. We watched 19 America’s Cup races on our iPad, … Continue reading →

From On the Rocks to On Clipper Cove in 60 Minutes‎Monday, ‎August ‎26, ‎2013, ‏‎11:19:00 PM

With 1,000 student-drivers per year, dings, nicks and holes can’t be avoided in Treasure Island Sailing Center’s fleet. Dave Collignon, TISC Melges24 sailor and Revchem technical applications expert, shared his fix-it expertise with 26 students using fast-setting UV-cure polyester resin. … Continue reading →

Two Days, Two Bays, Kids Smiles‎Monday, ‎August ‎19, ‎2013, ‏‎10:46:40 PM

We spent yesterday with our kids on the bay with AC72s, O’pen BICs and Emirates Simulators.  Thursday was photo day on Clipper Cove for the last TISC summer session. Hiking, gybing and capsizing with kids smiles all around. Last things … Continue reading →

ACEA Community Outreach Programs Benefit TISC‎Tuesday, ‎August ‎13, ‎2013, ‏‎10:18:34 AM

Twenty three TISC students had front-row seats for Race 3 of the Louis Vuitton Cup semi-finals courtesy of the America’s Cup Event Authority.  Our team used public transportation and boats to get everyone to Marina Green. Some made it back. Thank … Continue reading →

CAPSIZE !‎Tuesday, ‎August ‎6, ‎2013, ‏‎8:23:45 AM

Photographing kids can be challenging.  Moving boats, variable winds, clouds, shaddows and dynamic backgrounds add further complications.  Fortunately our TISC instructors are there to help with boats and drills. The kids favorite was CAPSIZE! Taking pictures for our annual report is … Continue reading →

ETNZ and TISC Teams Race to Encourage Junior Sailors‎Friday, ‎July ‎26, ‎2013, ‏‎10:22:03 PM

Aotearoa would never clear the shallow sandbar protecting Clipper Cove’s entrance. Fortunately several members of ETNZ used a land route to visit TISC on Wednesday, sharing high 5’s with our kids and challenging our instructors to a few informal races. The … Continue reading →

Think Fast ! (gasp, gasp)‎Monday, ‎July ‎15, ‎2013, ‏‎2:19:53 PM

The Tetons were breathtakingly beautiful and Yellowstone NP showcased Mother Nature in live-action color for a recent family wedding in Wyoming.  Saturday we watched Emirates Team New Zealand race Luna Rosa from Skipper’s Gift.  Also colorful and action packed. The … Continue reading →

Where is Everyone?‎Sunday, ‎June ‎23, ‎2013, ‏‎11:24:23 PM

Thursday was hoppin’ at TISC with seven summer classes, two bus loads of GLIDE kids in watercraft of all types and the Etchells we donated to Stockton Sailing Club being readied for transport.  When I arrived Friday it was empty, quiet. … Continue reading →

Bay Safety and Always Being Prepared‎Wednesday, ‎June ‎12, ‎2013, ‏‎12:35:14 PM

Safety and preparedness are key components of TISC programs. Our kids learn importance of teamwork, and sailing safe. Tuesday night’s return sail reminded us how fast San Francisco Bay can turn dangerous from gorgeous and to always be prepared. TISC … Continue reading →

Barney Joins TISC J/24 Fleet‎Sunday, ‎May ‎26, ‎2013, ‏‎2:19:39 PM

The last time I attacked bronze anti-fouling paint was putting a new bottom on Skipper’s Gift in September, 2001. Thanks to 2,000 psi from Dahls and elbow grease from V15 sailor Mike Weinman, Barney joined our TISC J/24 fleet. Last … Continue reading →

Helpful Neighbors, Buena Vista Horrace Mann Smiles‎Sunday, ‎May ‎12, ‎2013, ‏‎9:16:11 AM

Shortening four Moore24 braces took minutes not hours thanks to a helpful neighbor. Eating a P&J on the dock with Buena Vista Horrace Mann students wasn’t exactly quiet however creating kids’ smiles on Clipper Cove is what its all about. … Continue reading →

Volunteers Launch TISC Opening Day‎Sunday, ‎April ‎28, ‎2013, ‏‎7:17:09 PM

TISC Opening Day 2013 was smooth sailing from first launch at low tide to 6pm high fives thanks to the massive volunteer effort coordinated by our team.  I spent the day driving Skipper’s Gift, secretly envious of the lucky RS Venture … Continue reading →

Spreaders, Smiles and Straight Courses‎Monday, ‎April ‎22, ‎2013, ‏‎9:29:50 PM

Friday morning’s lesson:  the “pop” in stainless steel pop rivets can be tough.  Very Tough!  The afternoon served up an opportunity for more Mission Beacon kids smiles outside the cove, in the “flats” and under the new Bay Bridge. Late … Continue reading →

USF Service-Learning on Clipper Cove‎Tuesday, ‎April ‎16, ‎2013, ‏‎8:08:02 AM

Last Friday three students from  USF’s Service-Learning program delivered recommendations for a volunteer tracking app for integration with our platform. Complete with requirements, objective and solution pros/cons.  Their next step – deliver documented phase-1 of a working, deployable system. Service-learning … Continue reading →

Park Presidio Marine Long on Service‎Saturday, ‎March ‎23, ‎2013, ‏‎10:05:54 AM

After two trips to Park Presidio Marine Services in five days, I HAD to ask.  How come your address is 25th Street at Pennsylvania just 5 minutes from McCovey Cove? Our maintenance team services our outboard engines regularly and tackles most … Continue reading →

Moore 24 Trailer Donation Supports New J/24‎Sunday, ‎March ‎10, ‎2013, ‏‎12:23:08 AM

Karl Robrock graciously donated a like-new Moore 24 trailer for use by our J/24 fleet.  Since recent smiles, docks, crashes and more smiles  blogs were posted, these interesting story lines have floated to the surface (I’m sure there are many Moore): … Continue reading →

Golden Bears – Smiling Volunteers‎Monday, ‎February ‎25, ‎2013, ‏‎5:13:33 PM

Friday was a blue sky day with warm breezes and sunny sparkles on Clipper Cove. Saturday, high school sailing teams competing in the Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association Golden Bear Regatta hosted by Bay Area Youth Sailing filled the cove. … Continue reading →

Trailer, Docks and Richmond SMILES – then crash !‎Saturday, ‎February ‎23, ‎2013, ‏‎5:58:37 PM

Blue sky and diamond sparkles highlighted Clipper Cove as I drove over the Bay Bridge to TISC Thursday morning.  What a great day for the Richmond Parks and Recreation sail plus dock installation for the BAYS Golden Bear Regatta. Early … Continue reading →

Tom Allen‎Thursday, ‎January ‎24, ‎2013, ‏‎7:32:01 AM

I wish all our juniors could have attended the Memorial Celebration of Life held in Tom Allen’s honor at St. Francis Yacht Club last Saturday. Many take-aways relevant to young aspiring sailors like those in the TISC and SFYC junior … Continue reading →

Year End Smiles – On the Cove‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎11, ‎2012, ‏‎9:18:26 PM

As we enter the holiday Season I wanted to share twelve smiles from Treasure Island Sailing Center.  And a few suggestions on how to deal with a very unusual SF Bay Condition: lack of wind. Our staff and instructors closed … Continue reading →

J24 Halyards Rigged by West Marine‎Sunday, ‎December ‎2, ‎2012, ‏‎9:17:38 AM

Last week I entered the West Marine rigging shop in Alameda with a 600′ roll of Sta-Set X line and three shackles.  I left with three halyards for our J/24 fleet, a smaller coil of line and a much greater … Continue reading →

Rozalia Project Visits TISC‎Tuesday, ‎November ‎20, ‎2012, ‏‎8:36:30 AM

A few days ago I received Sarah’s email to the V15 Fleet: the Rozalia Project was on a west coast swing, and would visit TISC Nov 19th. How fortunate; I had two other meetings at TI and could attend! While my … Continue reading →

VI Sailors, DCYF Kids All Smiles After Weekend Sail at TISC‎Thursday, ‎November ‎15, ‎2012, ‏‎11:20:58 AM

When I started this blog one fear I had was not enough to write about.  I now find myself in a catch-up mode.  So much for my initial concern; here is an update on the October 20/21 weekend at TISC. … Continue reading →

Thank You BTR Supporters !‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎14, ‎2012, ‏‎5:45:34 PM

Over 80% of the funds raised by TISC’s 2012 Big Team Regatta went directly to scholarships and programs because of the many gifts in kind provided by our land-based supporters.  Please frequent them, and thank them again for us. The … Continue reading →

Super Sunday’s Great Ideas‎Monday, ‎October ‎29, ‎2012, ‏‎12:39:45 PM

The weather on clipper Cove for Sunday afternoon’s student/parent barbecue was picture-perfect.  What I enjoyed even more was the opportunity for face-to-face networking, brainstorming, and ideas generation with parents, staff and instructors. Lots of energy with 50 parents and kids enjoying … Continue reading →

Little Angels, Thundering Angels and Big Cats‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎10, ‎2012, ‏‎10:04:08 PM

My wife Jane and I had the good fortune to be On The Bay Friday last Friday.  Doesn’t get much better than Fleet Week Air Show and AC World Series on SF Bay on the same day. Or does it? Turns … Continue reading →

PG&E Lead TISC Big Team Regatta On and Off the Water‎Saturday, ‎September ‎29, ‎2012, ‏‎11:19:02 AM

Getting Roy Miller in position to take winning photographs on Friday was easy. Writing this blog – not so easy because many people and organizations were key to the success of TISC’s 2012 Big Team Regatta. BTR was the 2005 brainchild … Continue reading →

Historic Sunsail Afternoon with Mission Beacon Center Kids‎Tuesday, ‎September ‎25, ‎2012, ‏‎10:35:23 PM

Friday was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Sharing five Sunsail First 40’s with 25 Mission Beacon Center kids: awesome.  Watching the space shuttle Endeavour fly over Angel Island and Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Mason hill: historic.   … Continue reading →

Picture Perfect Monday‎Thursday, ‎September ‎13, ‎2012, ‏‎10:56:06 AM

Monday’s plan was simple: check email, drive to TI, apply penetrating oil to the electric hoist cover bolts, lead a noon conference call, loosen up the pesky bolts, fix a balky trailer hitch and head home before the 5pm traffic. … Continue reading →

On Boston Pond‎Wednesday, ‎August ‎22, ‎2012, ‏‎8:20:54 PM

Boston is a great place to visit anytime – what’s not to like about their sports teams (sorry Yankees fans), art museums, restaurants, theaters, the new Boston Harborwalk, the red brick Freedom Trail and history galore!  Summer is even better with … Continue reading →

Thursday Night On Clipper Cove‎Saturday, ‎July ‎21, ‎2012, ‏‎12:37:21 AM

Watching 11 Vanguard 15s and 6 Lasers enjoying gusty winds on Clipper Cove brought back memories from our 470 days on Pontoosuc Lake in Western Mass.  Both have tall, unique postcard settings.  Bay Bridge towers and Alameda loading cranes backstop the … Continue reading →

Welcome to On Clipper Cove‎Monday, ‎July ‎16, ‎2012, ‏‎10:36:37 PM

In May ’12 I joined the Board of Directors at Treasure Island Sailing Center. After a couple of decades in Electronic Design Automation I’m transitioning to the world of non-profits. Trading in my .doc, .ppt and .xls tools for G/flex, sandpaper … Continue reading →


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