Thank You TISC 2014 Instructors

IMG_0685Teaching kids is always rewarding, often challenging.  Hugs to teachers everywhere!  TISC “classrooms” are dynamic in size, fluid in shape. Mother Nature may cooperate – or not. 1,300 kids sailed through TISC this summer thanks to our talented, dedicated instructors.

IMG_1756In the summer we employ full time instructors, junior instructors and those who work only part time.  Without them there would be no summer sessions, no outreach programs, and in some cases no SSLearn, our experiential learning classes for forth graders that run in the spring and fall.

IMG_1800Sonya DrivingAnyone who has volunteered their time to teach in schools or churches has likely felt really pumped up, psyched and excited after finishing a class. After teaching Lego Robotics to K-3 kids I certainly do.

And most days I’m also tired, drained, and sometimes downright exhausted.  Then I think of all those teachers who teach all day, every day, for the entire school year. Wow. Push the admiration buttonIMG_1085!

Instructors  at Treasure Island Sailing Center have a whole additional level of challenges which make their jobs even more demanding.  In addition to teaching, driving a boat, being mindful of safety as Job ONE, and being in the middle of Clipper Cove, our large variable size classroom, they also have to deal with Mother Nature.

IMG_1749Some days she may be smiling, other days she may be beguiling.  She may be kind and gentle, or simply having a really bad day. Such is the life of our awesome instructors here On Clipper Cove.

Our on-the-water team, with the support of our full-time office staff, provide a “Launching Point for New Horizons” to the kids who sail here.  We see this happening in the kids smiles, parents feedback, and financial support we receive from donors and sponsors.

IMG_0839It’s also our objective to provide a bit of a jumpstart in return.  This may take the form of possible leads to maritime employment opportunities, paths to teaching, or a wide range of marine or environmental science careers. Or something as simple as additional experience to help with a sailing scholarship or networking contact from other instructors or parents.IMG_1725

It’s hard to believe our summer sessions are over.  Seems like our instructors just finished orientation last week – in reality classes actually started 10 weeks ago.

So THANKS AGAIN to all our 2014 instructors- especially those returning from last year.  We hope to see in 2015.Claire on a Friday




Connor Fly By -3
Regards, from On the Cove, Dave G








In the Wake:

Here’s a few more pictures of the smiles from kids who loved being at TISC because of the relationships to sailing, the water and other “best buddies” built by their instructors.  Also special thanks to our Junior Instructors. IMG_0901 IMG_0549 Co-Able Kids at Pier 40 sonya IMG_1006 IMG_1894 IMG_1784IMG_1912 IMG_1803 IMG_1766 IMG_1678