Photographing kids can be challenging.  Moving boats, variable winds, clouds, shaddows and dynamic backgrounds add further complications.  Fortunately our TISC instructors are there to help with boats and drills. The kids favorite was CAPSIZE!

IMG_3723Taking pictures for our annual report is best done toward the end of a two-week youth sailing session after the kids have learned basic sailing and are tuning up their boat handling skills.  They can navigate inside and outside of Clipper Cove, play follow-the-leader, turn when the whistle blows and consistently pluck a life jacket (“Man Overboard”) out of the water on the first pass.

IMG_3801_resizeAnd tip over on cue.

By 11:30 on my first “shoot” the same question came from several students after running through morning drills: “Can we capsize now?”. “OK”, Alison announced, “You can capsize now,  then we’ll head in for lunch”.








Treasure Island Sailing Center classes stress on-the-water safety and self confidence. Safety is stressed at all times whether on the land or on the water.  Self-confidence builds as students’ skills progress from day to day. Our instructors encourage students and guide them to the next level in their sailing and life skills.

everyone involvedand even moreSome of the pictures in this blog were taken while an instructor was simultaneously driving, commanding students, and trying to go where I asked.  Others were made possible when they shared boats so I could have one to myself. None would be available without our top-notch instructors who created these self-confident smiles. life jacket safetyReflections

teamworkBeach time provides another opportunity for kids to gain confidence around watercraft while having fun.kayak and board funAs students progress from level to level their horizons expand as they move beyond Clipper Cove both in terms of skills learned as well as waters sailed.Hiked and PsychedOutside Clipper Cove

RS Venture ScreamingLooking forward to our next shoot, regards from on the Cove, on the beach and in the water, Dave G

In the Wake:

If you are a parent with a child who took lessons during the last two sessions or the current session here at TISC and would like to view more pictures send me an email ( and I will provide a link to high quality, password-protected JPEGs you can view or download.  Be sure to include your name, your child’s name, the session attended and a memory your student shared with you about their time at TISC.

If you are a parent or simply a friend of TISC and would like to help us create a 2-3 minute slide show from TISC please contact Madison in the TISC office to work out the production logistics.  If you have videographer skills, even better !



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  1. Awesome photos! especially the big smiles. Thanks to Dave, Chris, Madison and the instructors for sharing

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