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In May ’12 I joined the Board of Directors at Treasure Island Sailing Center. After a couple of decades in Electronic Design Automation I’m transitioning to the world of non-profits. Trading in my .doc, .ppt and .xls tools for G/flex, sandpaper and sunscreen – and WordPress :).

I’m already enjoying my time with a great team whose vision is to get all the kids in San Francisco on the water and into sail boats. In my case that means hands-on boat repair and maintenance, sharing Skipper’s Gift with kids and their families, and working with TISC tenants to provide them with an additional resource as we work together to grow our community of service-minded sailors.

The passion of the TISC founders over ten years ago provided us with a platform to sail, race and share the best location in the world with those not fortunate enough to sail solo. Most who sail from TISC undertand the crucial role volunteers play here; not all are aware the grants we receive and the land we use are available because of our volunteers and our non-profit status.

I look forward to meeting more of our tenants here at TISC as well as the college students and parent volunteers who keep us full and by on the starboard tack. If you have questions about sailing in and around Clipper Cove, comments specific to our space at TISC and ESPECIALLY suggestions for upcoming blogs please let me know.

From On the Cove, Dave G  ( DaveG @ OnClipperCove.com)

In the wake:

Sailors often ask our staff about the weather in the Bay. Here’s one of my favorite weather links because it also tracks the gusts we use for “tens” on the way home from Angel Island: San Francisco Sailing Weather.   Which ones do you count on? Send them along!

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  1. HI MIke
    I too was once delayed – on the way out not in ! Over last year or so, however, the TISC staff has been giving longer lead heads up on events and work days via the monthly newsletter. There is also a master calendar on the TISC website: http://tisailing.org/calendar-and-events/master-calendar. Other thoughts might be to provide a simplified calendar with event only (not regular classes) and perhaps I should also remind everyone about events through “On Clipper Cove”. Thanks for your comment, it created some internal discussion for more options, and that’s good for everyone.

  2. Congratulations, I think. If possible a schedule of events at TISC would be helpful for tennants. I have come to TISC to launch for a sail and discovered the area dominated by 420’s. I went home. If I knew I could have launched at 0730h before all the commotion.

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