Moore 24 Trailer Donation Supports New J/24

Karl's Trailer at TI

Karl’s Trailer at TI

Karl Robrock graciously donated a like-new Moore 24 trailer for use by our J/24 fleet.  Since recent smiles, docks, crashes and more smiles  blogs were posted, these interesting story lines have floated to the surface (I’m sure there are many Moore):

  • Moore 24’s were one of the first planing keel boats.  Even though many are 30 years old they’ve stayed competitive with progressive “in the spirit of the rules” one-design modifications such as open transoms and cleaner rigging.
  • Fleet founders started the “Roadmasters” series back in the 80’s.  Many races up and down the west coast. Trailers needed.  
  • Karl’s trailer was adapted for Moore 24 use in Seattle; it towed Moores up and down I-5 dutifully for many years.  Unique construction using upside-down trailer jacks for quick adjustment. 
  • Webb Chiles, a 70-year old who circumnavigated the globe five times, was getting ready for a 6th – in a Moore 24!  He was heading to Hawaii from San Diego then ‘round the world in his recently acquired “Gannet”. Trailer no longer needed. 
  • Karl jumped at the chance to upgrade when he saw Webb’s trailer for sale. Now Karl has a new travel-mate for his #121, “Snafu” and TISC has a sorely needed trailer for our J/24 fleet.


Karl and Webb
Karl and Webb in San Diego


Snafu, # 121

Karl’s Moore 24 Snafu, #121

Karl (and Webb), THANK YOU for your support.  TISC students will benefit from a recently-donated J/24 thanks to your generous donation – and we’ll keep you posted on our Moore 24-to-J/24 trailer conversion.

Regards from On The Cove, Dave G

In the Wake:

Here are a few links to Webb Chiles’ recent and past adventures and the 2013 Roadmaster Series.  If you have more send them along and I’ll post them for others to enjoy.

One of Web Chiles many books: Return to the Sea  (includes another story-line; Webb’s Boston history)

‘Lectronic Latitude – Webb Chiles Sneak Peak

Sailing World Blogs – The Webb Chiles Way

 Schedule for this year’s Moore 24 2013 Roadmaster series.