2014 Resolutions: Unplug, Upload and FOCUS !

One New Year’s Resolutions for the TISC community, especially for our tenants: publish TISC events and opportunities in one convenient location. And two for me: turn off the IT when around others & during meal time, and stay focused.

Treasure Island Sailing Center is a busy place for good reason: we provide life lessons and rewarding on-the-water experiences to kids and adults in one of the best sailing venues in the world.  Clipper Cove is an ideal location featuring protected waters with predictable winds.  Just around the corner San Francisco Bay takes it up a notch for those who want to sail casually, race locally or compete at the international level.  You can even win the America’s Cup there!

Last year nearly 3,000 children, youth and adults – including those with disabilities – sailed on Clipper Cove from our TISC docks. Many were first-time sailors; some were America’s Cup participants. All were making new friends and either teaching or learning goal setting, teamwork, communications and self confidence.

Tenants are major contributors to Treasure Island Sailing Center’s success.  Their fees help support scholarships and maintain our facilities. Many volunteer their time to provide priceless opportunities for experienced sailors to connect with the more novice sailors.

Last year we added a list of events sponsored by TISC or affecting sailing here on Clipper Cove to this blog. It was our first attempt to give tenants a heads up on activities in/around TISC so they could better plan their arrival and departure times and make volunteering a bit easier.

This year we will expand that information and upload both events and volunteer opportunities in a single location: TISC Events and Opportunities.  We’ll do our best to make this a place you can check your plans for a race, casual sail or opportunity to fulfill your volunteer commitments.

On a personal level, I’ve made two additional resolutions for 2014: unplug from the IT world when with others, and use best efforts to focus on one task at a time.

When in meetings, hosting parties and especially during mealtimes my iPhone will be off or in another room.  No more subtle pocket vibrations to remind me to check email or temptations to send out an unseen text message.

And no more pretending to be a multi-tasker.  If you want to learn more about why this term is really a misnomer check out “FOCUS, by Daniel Goleman (NY Times revew here) .  Thanks to this gift from my daughter I have a better appreciation of why focus is a GREAT New Year’s resolution.

I hope you too are looking forward to a promising, rewarding and focused 2014 !

Regards, from On The Cove, Dave G.

In the wake:

2013 brought  lit up many smiles on Clipper Cove this year thanks to our many friends, donors, tenants, instructors and staff .  The pictures below capture some of my favorites.big smile Confidence excitement fleet prep Friends Under New Bay Bridge IMG_2348 JYC Crab Lab at TISC JYC in TISC SSL Activity CenterSS Learn Focus JYC Seaweed Discovery life jacketsBug Rigging opti capsize drill Upwind in a bug On Clipper Cove return to clipper cove returning from the beach sponsorship - optiSSLearn in RS Venture Teams Teamwork teamwork on deckTide Rising TISC Community Ourtreach V15s-background Water Play YMCA Bus