Fourth and Three

Rajat Dutta up topTwo volunteers joined forces to help un-step J/24 masts and complete a round-trip to Bay Marine last week. Four shiny white hulls are done with three to go. Bonus enclosure: directions for navigating Clipper Cove at low tide.

Rajat Dutta, long-time crew on Melges24 “Posse”, donated a morning to prepare Fortunata and Great White for delivery to Bay Marine Boatworks. We’ve been using the small hoist  to unstep masts for the J/24 upgrade program; this approach works well and saves time over the traditional use of gin poles. A +6.5 tide helped.

Bill Nork DocksideA few days later Bill Nork, TISC friend and frequent volunteer, helped with the over-and-back transit from Clipper Cove to Point Richmond; we left on schedule at 11am.  Our normal journey of 90 minutes stretched to two hours because of the unusual NE breeze, strong ebb current and missing motor mount on Great White.

No complaints for Mother Nature – we had a blue sky day with balmy temperatures for a January morning and the Bay to ourselves.

Great White Heads to Bay MarineAs we passed Red Oak Victory the air felt warmer once out of the cool n’easter on the bay.  Beef Cakes and Blue Stripe looked bright, white and ready to go.  After a quick motor switch we headed back to TISC.Fortunata passing Red Oak Victory Bill Nork Thumbs UpThe return trip was much faster; just over 90 minutes from dock to dock thanks to the wind at our back, a boosting current and two motors in operation. The views of the “new” Beef Cakes and Blue Stripe framed by Golden Gate Bridge and Berkeley Pier led to thoughts of “what next” for the graphics on these bright new hulls -suggestions welcome !Bill and Peter Framed by GGBBill and Peter Passing Berkeley Pier
Even with dusk approaching, our four newly painted hulls looked clean and bright.
Four J24s completeAs the sun set on the Western end Clipper Cove the tide lines were clear.
Clipper Cove Sunset at Low Tide

There’s only one more transit before our J/24 fleet will have all new bottoms.  If you are interested in helping, let me know.  Next to providing rides to visitors on opening day and taking pictures of kids smiles, this has to be one of the best volunteer jobs we “offer” to our tenants and friends.

Regards, from On the Cove,
Dave G

In the wake:

Even with a speedy return trip we rounded Pier 1 later than planned and not much ahead of a -.04 tide. While not the lowest of lows (that would be around -1.6) we did have to be mindful of our entry into Clipper Cove.

If you’re in a similar returning situation (or trying to get out for a practice session) hug the large pier closely – no farther than 1-2 boat lengths away. Proceed nearly all the way to the rocks bordering TISC and then take a sharp left 3-4 boat lengths from breakwall. This path may not Low Tide in Clipper Coveenable a 3′ draft to pass over the sand bar across the entry at tide levels shallower than -.5 to -1.0, however it’s your best bet.

For deeper draft boats, not much choice other than stay away from low-low tides; if you must make a transit during low tide use best efforts to do so on a flooding tide not an ebbing tide. That way if you do get stuck your “down time” will be minimum. The boats shown on the right exiting Clipper Cove as we returned did not make it out until the tide began rising.

2014 Resolutions: Unplug, Upload and FOCUS !

One New Year’s Resolutions for the TISC community, especially for our tenants: publish TISC events and opportunities in one convenient location. And two for me: turn off the IT when around others & during meal time, and stay focused.

Treasure Island Sailing Center is a busy place for good reason: we provide life lessons and rewarding on-the-water experiences to kids and adults in one of the best sailing venues in the world.  Clipper Cove is an ideal location featuring protected waters with predictable winds.  Just around the corner San Francisco Bay takes it up a notch for those who want to sail casually, race locally or compete at the international level.  You can even win the America’s Cup there!

Last year nearly 3,000 children, youth and adults – including those with disabilities – sailed on Clipper Cove from our TISC docks. Many were first-time sailors; some were America’s Cup participants. All were making new friends and either teaching or learning goal setting, teamwork, communications and self confidence.

Tenants are major contributors to Treasure Island Sailing Center’s success.  Their fees help support scholarships and maintain our facilities. Many volunteer their time to provide priceless opportunities for experienced sailors to connect with the more novice sailors.

Last year we added a list of events sponsored by TISC or affecting sailing here on Clipper Cove to this blog. It was our first attempt to give tenants a heads up on activities in/around TISC so they could better plan their arrival and departure times and make volunteering a bit easier.

This year we will expand that information and upload both events and volunteer opportunities in a single location: TISC Events and Opportunities.  We’ll do our best to make this a place you can check your plans for a race, casual sail or opportunity to fulfill your volunteer commitments.

On a personal level, I’ve made two additional resolutions for 2014: unplug from the IT world when with others, and use best efforts to focus on one task at a time.

When in meetings, hosting parties and especially during mealtimes my iPhone will be off or in another room.  No more subtle pocket vibrations to remind me to check email or temptations to send out an unseen text message.

And no more pretending to be a multi-tasker.  If you want to learn more about why this term is really a misnomer check out “FOCUS, by Daniel Goleman (NY Times revew here) .  Thanks to this gift from my daughter I have a better appreciation of why focus is a GREAT New Year’s resolution.

I hope you too are looking forward to a promising, rewarding and focused 2014 !

Regards, from On The Cove, Dave G.

In the wake:

2013 brought  lit up many smiles on Clipper Cove this year thanks to our many friends, donors, tenants, instructors and staff .  The pictures below capture some of my favorites.big smile Confidence excitement fleet prep Friends Under New Bay Bridge IMG_2348 JYC Crab Lab at TISC JYC in TISC SSL Activity CenterSS Learn Focus JYC Seaweed Discovery life jacketsBug Rigging opti capsize drill Upwind in a bug On Clipper Cove return to clipper cove returning from the beach sponsorship - optiSSLearn in RS Venture Teams Teamwork teamwork on deckTide Rising TISC Community Ourtreach V15s-background Water Play YMCA Bus